Call Blockr v2.5 for BlackBerry 10

Version 2.5 of Call Blockr™ for BlackBerry 10 has been released over at BlackBerry World, and now allows you to import phone numbers into your blacklist and whitelist, along with other new additions, fixes and improvements.

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Here’s what’s new in v2.5:

  • Improved user-interface and general layout.
  • Automatic data and settings migration from previous versions.
  • Improved data integrity and updating.
  • External lists of phone numbers and callers can now be imported from CSV files.
  • Able to handle large lists containing thousands of callers.
  • Optimized phone number matching for very fast call blocking, even with large lists.
  • A counter now records how many times each caller has been blocked.
  • Improved loading of list data and between page navigation.
  • Easily move callers from one list to another and vise versa.
  • Lists can now be sorted in different ways, and in ascending or descending order.
  • Provided the option to clear a list of all callers.
  • Improved data backup and restore.
  • Displays schedule times in the minimized app cover when blocking is scheduled.
  • Improved instant preview notifications.
  • Improved blocked call notifications.
  • Quickly view list of blocked calls by opening the app from a hub notification.
  • Improvements in app and background service communication.
  • Allow in-app user rating.
  • Fixed an issue with contact syncing.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.