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Call Blockr™ is a mobile call recording app that can automatically record your phone calls.

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Available for BlackBerry 10
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  • Block or allow calls based on a time schedule.
  • Blacklist to block specific numbers or contacts.
  • Whitelist to only allow specific numbers or contacts.
  • Option to block any callers not in your list of contacts.
  • Option to block withheld phone numbers from unknown callers.
  • Import phone numbers into your blacklist or whitelist.
  • Can handle large lists containing thousands of phone numbers.
  • Easily move callers from one list to another and vise versa.
  • View history log of received calls.
  • View history log of blocked calls.
  • Hub notifications of blocked calls.
  • Easily call or text numbers from within the lists.
  • Backup and restore your list data.


Permissions requested:

  • Device Identifying Information – used to identify the device model.
  • Phone – used to identify incoming calls.
  • Phone Control – used to block calls.
  • Phone Call Details – used to identify phone number of incoming call.
  • Contacts (optional) – used to add contacts to lists.
  • Shared Files (optional) – used to create and restore backups.