End of support for BlackBerry apps

BlackBerry World ending support
Beginning April 1, 2018 BlackBerry World will move to a free-only storefront. The result of this change means that BlackBerry World will no longer host paid content and all purchasing mechanisms will be disabled.

Unfortunately this also means that BlackBerry apps by Rad Systems will no longer be available for purchase, and this will mark the end of any further development on those applications.

Over the past few years, BlackBerry have been transitioning away from their BlackBerry 10 devices and software. Consequently, the BlackBerry World app store will finally be closed by the end of 2019.

We wish to thank all the users who have purchased and used our apps over the years, and as a reminder to those currently using a BlackBerry 10 device, you will still be able to access your previously downloaded apps from BlackBerry World.