Profile Manager

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Profile Manager™ allows you to automatically switch between your custom profiles, based on any schedules, calendar events and locations you have set up.

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Available for BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry App World

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  • Set up custom profiles with specific sound and notification settings.
  • Define start and end profiles for greater customization.
  • Schedule to change between profiles based on time and day.
  • Enable calendar events to automatically switch profiles based on your busy status.
  • Set up profiles for different locations, e.g. work, school, home, etc.
  • Easily add, edit, enable, disable and delete profiles.
  • Priority system provides greater flexibility when switching between profiles.
  • Customize features through the Settings menu.
  • Option for notifications whenever there is a profile change.
  • Backup and restore your data and settings.
  • Minimize the app as an active frame on the home screen or close it to run in the background.

Permissions requested:

  • Notifications Control – required to change profile and notification settings.
  • Calendar – required to change profiles based on calendar events.
  • Location – required to change profiles based on your device’s location.
  • Device Identifying Information – used to identify the device model.
  • Run in Background – required to allow the app to continue running when closed.
  • Shared Files (optional) – used to create and restore backups.